Hello world!

Welcome, dear guest, to my personal website!

At the time biggest medieval trebuchet reconstruction in Poland

Over the years I’ve worked on multiple different projects, ranging from siege engines reconstructions, to photography, which was my main interest past ten years. Past two years I have also started working in IT corporation and this motivated me to finally start learning programming, with .NET as my platform of choice and also broaden general IT knowledge.

What i really love!

Now, when thinking back, I realized most of the things I’ve done are nowhere to be found. Also i often stumble on just silly problem of not remembering details – sometimes there are things that you do only once in a really long while, or presumably once in a lifetime, and then when you need to do it again… Details fade away and you need to look for solutions again from scratch. I had this issue multiple times myself, so I guess it’s time to start writing things down 🙂

With that in mind I decided to create this website – mostly just as kind of notepad for myself. In most topics I’ll be posting I’m nowhere near an expert – I’m constantly learning, often starting from scratch, with no previous experience, but I’m kind of person, that can sit, search, learn and in the end do whatever I wanted to do 🙂

My current hobby

I guess many of the things I will write about are not only mine problems, so if somebody can also gain from mine info and get easy solution instead of having to search more complicated sources for hours – great, I’m glad it could be helpful. On the other hand, if you are more experienced and see I did something wrong – I would be obliged for any input and help!

On the other hand I will also post other thing here, maybe some photography things, as this is at the moment my main area of expertise, maybe some of mine more historic “endeavors” – only the time will tell what will grew up from this blog!

Thank you again for your visit and happy browsing!