WordPress on IIS not showing uploaded images

Just a quick post about one small, but irritating thing I just fond:

Recently I moved to my own on-prem server, I migrated also all my websites to it. When I wanted to add pictures to new post… They were not showing up. Thumbnails were working fine, they were visible in Media Library – but not on webpage.

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SSL Certificate for hMailServer from Let’s Encrypt

After migrating to my own on-prem server I decided I finally should implement encryption for my email server. Yes, past few months while hosted on AWS EC@ Vm it was unencrypted, but those are just my side mails anyway, my main one is secured on my Microsoft account 🙂

I was already using Let’s Encrypt certificate in my website, now I changed way that I’m getting them from command line ACME client to using Certify – more on that in another post. But there is one small problem – Certify has great tools for managing certificates and automatically deploys them to IIS, but what about hMailServer?

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Video surveillance part 2 – installing MotionEye

In my previous post I configured basic video capabilities for web camera connected to OpenWRT router. Today I decided to go further and install more advanced software that would in fact be a surveillance solution. I decided to try with Motion package and MotionEye interface for it.

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D-Link DNS-320L NAS – fan modification

Few months ago, when I moved to my current apartment, I bought this tiny little NAS used but in perfect condition to be part of my home network. I quickly found out it has quite a few drawbacks, but most of them I was able to find a way around, and taking into account how cheaply I’ve got it – I was happy with it. Till the end of the year I want to get full sized server so probably it wont be needed anymore, and for current usage it was almost perfect. More on it it another post, but today I wanted to write more about that “almost” part…

Yes, there was one extremely annoying thing about it. It was LOUD. And I mean – extremely loud for such small, low power device. It has just little 40x40mm fan and it’s making soooo much noise… I haven’t done any measurements but to be honest I felt like it was more annoying than my powerful i7-7700K workstation! With all it’s multiple fans – at night, when sometimes i left it working, it still had more pleasant sound than this little howling monster…

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Video surveillance through router

How I configured my OpenWRT router with web camera to have real time video feed

Hello everyone and thanks for reading my first post here!

Today I decided I want to finally try connecting webcam to my router to get additional video surveillance possibilities, here are some notes on configuring everything to work. Main purpose is just to remember what i did for future – but if someone will find it useful then even better 🙂

I’m renting flat alone for the first time – before I always had room- or flatmates. Of course having your own apartment has a lot of advantages, but there are also some obvious drawbacks.

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