Programming I2C drivers with Meadow

For past few months I am working on a project based around Meadow platform that allows .NET programming for IoT. Greatest thing about it – it is programmable using full .NET Standard, so almost any .NET developer can easily just gram one, learn some platform specific basics and start being productive very soon, even without prior IoT experience. It’s extremely easy to write (assuming you know C# of course) and allows usage of most .NET goodies you might want – events, threads, asynchronous programming? LINQ? Networking? Whatever you might want – if you can do it in console app you probably can do it here to!

Obviously there is also a lot of specific stuff too. There must be classes for example to control hardware – but in principal they work as usual .NET stuff, and there is a lot of APIs for different devices already in Meadow Foundation. But what to do if you bought device and there is no driver for it yet?

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Intrinsics in C#

Can your CPU calculate faster than you thought? Can .NET take advantage of things that were mostly C/C++ etc. Domain to create even faster applications? Is only python good for data calculations?

If you want to know about some not that popular, but extremely useful goodies in .NET Core 3.0 onwards in shape of SIMD Intrinsic functions please keep reading!

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WordPress on IIS not showing uploaded images

Just a quick post about one small, but irritating thing I just fond:

Recently I moved to my own on-prem server, I migrated also all my websites to it. When I wanted to add pictures to new post… They were not showing up. Thumbnails were working fine, they were visible in Media Library – but not on webpage.

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SSL Certificate for hMailServer from Let’s Encrypt

After migrating to my own on-prem server I decided I finally should implement encryption for my email server. Yes, past few months while hosted on AWS EC@ Vm it was unencrypted, but those are just my side mails anyway, my main one is secured on my Microsoft account 🙂

I was already using Let’s Encrypt certificate in my website, now I changed way that I’m getting them from command line ACME client to using Certify – more on that in another post. But there is one small problem – Certify has great tools for managing certificates and automatically deploys them to IIS, but what about hMailServer?

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