WordPress on IIS not showing uploaded images

Just a quick post about one small, but irritating thing I just fond:

Recently I moved to my own on-prem server, I migrated also all my websites to it. When I wanted to add pictures to new post… They were not showing up. Thumbnails were working fine, they were visible in Media Library – but not on webpage.

Solution happened to be quite hidden, but in the end fast – it happens that when uploading files through WordPress IIS is first saving them in C:\Windows\Temp folder, and then copying to correct folder inside \wp-content\uploads.

Problem was that user IIS_IUSRS had only Special permissions on C:\Windows\Temp folder, so all files that went through it had the same. I granted modify permissions for it (although I’m not sure if read only would be sufficient, didn’t tested) and now all uploaded files have such permissions for IIS_IUSRS too – and they are visible on the website 🙂

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